Sailfish Adventure 2013 – Trip Summary from Isla Mujeres Mexico

Swim with sailfish Mexico


swimming with sailfish in Isla Mujeres Mexico
swimming with sailfish in Isla Mujeres Mexico

This sailfish season started out  a  challenging one for Takaji, myself, and the crew. The predominate winds were from the south causing warm water conditions driving the sardines and sailfish further north and away form our area.

After and few days though the winds blew in our favor bringing the sailfish back into our range.  The return of the frigid  birds was most welcome as their dive bombing is a  tell tail sign when we were approaching a submerged bait ball.  One of our best encounters was one in which we found a massive bait ball which was moving very quickly.  A large team of sailfish worked together orchestrating the bait ball into a tight school as  individual sailfish made runs into the  center of the ball  to stun a meal.

Guests were enthusiastic about each  chance to swim with the sailfish and watch their hunting skills.  Those with cameras had many great images .


We stayed on land at a comfortable hotel right on the beach of the small island of Isla Mujeres.  Each night we dined as a group at one of the fabulous restaurants near our  hotel. The menus range from Italian to Cuban and classic Mexican: a welcome treat after a day on the boat and a late afternoon lounge at the pool. Our boat ride was sometimes enhanced by trolling and catching our own fish for home made cheviche, fish and chips, or sashimi.


I look forward to returning next year for another great sailfish adventure – we have boats reserved all throughout January and I will announce exact dates soon.



Dates available in January 2015 – Limited Spaces  See details on my website for my next Sailfish Adventure