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Payment & Cancellation Policies

Underwater Adventures Payment Schedules & Cancellation Policy

Tiger Sharks & Hammerheads
  1. 35% Deposit due at booking
  2. 75% Paid in 120 days before travel
  3. 25% Balance due 60 days before travel
Whale Sharks/ Polar Bears
  1. 35% Deposit due at booking
  2. 65% Balance due 90 days before travel

Baja Safari
  1. 35% Deposit due at booking
  2. 75% Paid in 120 days before travel
  3. 25% Balance due 60 days before travel
  1. Credit card payments may be subject to a 3% processing, but usually are not unless you are receiving a special price.
  2. Late payments will be interpreted as a cancellation
  3. All bank transfer fees are to be paid by the client

Please Note: Gratuities are standard in this industry and 10% - 20% of trip cost is the guideline for determining how much you should budget for gratuities to crew (do not include me, please)


2020 Current Covid-19 Cancellation Policy

The below policy applies to the 2020 Baja Safari and the 2021 Tiger Shark dives. This policy may be amended in the future to align to the changing / current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic and to include other 2021 trips.
  1. If a guest is unable to travel to the destination due to offical government implemented travel bans at the location of the trip or their home country, the guest will be rebooked to the 2021 trip dates.
  2. Guests will also be rebooked for future trip if there is no reasonable flight routing avaialble.
  3. Cancellations due to reasons other than travel bans will be subject to our standard cancellation policy

Cancellation Policy

The lodges and other providers we work with have strict cancellation policies and advanced reservations are a smust, therefore after a certain period of time we are unable to refund deposits and payments in full.
  1. Deposits are nonrefundable
  2. 75% of tour fee is retained if cancelled between 89 - 60 days before tour date
  3. 100% of tour fee is retained if cancelled 59 or fewer days prior to travel
  1. Late payment may be considered a cancellation (date of cancellation in this case will be assigned by management)
  2. When given notification of cancellation, the date we receive notification is considered to be the date of cancellation (not the date of the event causing the cancellation).

Travelers are advised to look into travel insurance policies that will refund trip costs should you need to cancel.  I have published this resource about Insurance on my Safari Blog
Special medical dietary requirements can be accommodated if we are informed before travel. A surcharge may be necessary in order to meet these needs.
By paying your deposit you are indicating that you are willing to sign the release and assumption of risk document, and you confirm that you are of resonable fitness and good health and will not in any way knowingly create a risk for yourself or other tour members.
All guests are required to sign a release and indemity stating, among other things that they will abide by rules set out by government, boat owners, and the tour guide.

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Our photo safaris are for photographers and non photographers who want to get up close to large marine life. All of our trips are to destinations proven to be reliable for great encounters. Gregory Sweeney is on hand to help guests with camera gear and techniques before and during the trips. We have been hosting Shark Scuba trips on the MV Dolphin Dream for 10 years.