Polar Bears in Churchill Photo Tour

Beluga Whales and Polar Bears in Churchill, Canada

New Trip ! Enchanting Beluga Whales Underwater Photography with Polar Bears and Arctic Wildlife!    

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About This Trip

The Arctic Tundra around Churchill, Canada is a beautiful, rugged gem full of amazing wildlife. For many years I have hosted photography workshops in winter to photograph polar bears as they prepare to move to their iced over hunting grounds. This time we will explore Churchill area in the summer. In these warmer months hundreds of beluga whales swim into the freshwater river to feed, mate, and give birth. The warm, shallow water near the coast allows them to feed on arctic char and brook trout.

We take advantage of a unique opportunity to photograph the belugas underwater. Swimming with belugas is no longer allowed, but floating on a mat towed behind a boat while holding our arms and face in the water is an acceptable and sucessful way to get underwater images. Belugas are friendly and swim to photographers and our boats. Close up and fun engagement with the whales is as memorable as the close up underwater images.

We also have the opportunity to see and engage with the belugas from our boat and by using kayaks.

In the summer months the polar bears are in the remote areas around Hudson Bay in their summer habitat. They swim and explore in the rocks, and rest among the wildflowers. 

This trip is limited to 6 guests and you will be accompanied by photography host, Gregory Sweeney.

Key Information
This Trip is in Developement and many Details are TBD


  1. Churchill
  2. Manitoba, Canada


  1. Limited to 6 guests


  1. Belugas from boats and from in the water on beluga boards, Polar Bears, fox species, snowy owl, caribou, rugged landscapes, local art murals, ptarmigan, water views, coastline
  2. Photographing bears and other wildlife from vehicles      

Trip Dates -

  1. August 1 - 7 2025 (travel to and from may require extra days)


  1. contact me for more details and price, included, etc

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