Polar Bears in Churchill Photo Tour

Polar Bears in Churchill, Canada

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Every October and November, polar bears congregate in the Churchill area to await the return of the sea ice and access to their preferred prey: the ringed seal. This congregation of polar bears is the perfect opportunity for photographers and wildlife lovers to experience bears, arctic foxes, caribou, and snowy owls in their habitat. We will spend 3 nights at the Churchill Northern Study Centre along the Hudson Bay coastline. We tour the Wildlife Management Area for 3 1/2 days: 2 days on private van tours and 1 day on a tundra vehicle in the Reserve Area, with an additional 1/2 day van trip into town on our arrival day. The tundra vehicles have an outside observation deck for photography and heated interior. These vehicles take us places a regular vehicle can not go indside the massive and varied Churchill Wildlife Management Area. While on our private van with a local guide we will see more bears and also pause for other arctic wildlife. At the Northern Studies Centre we are immersed in the beauty of the reserve area and we will meet researchers also staying at the Centre for the season. There is a deck and star dome for enjoying the night sky. This trip is limited to 6 guests and you will be accompanied by photography host, Gregory Sweeney.

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Trip Dates

  1. 29 October - 3 Nov 2020
  2. .
  3. Price $ 4,300.00 (USD) pp
  4. Price includes flight to Churchill, food, transfers, 3 full days out in the field in a private van with local guide and in a tundra vehicle in the Reserve.
  5. *Contact Us to receive our detailed trip guide.*
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Polar Bear photo Tour
Polar Bear Trip to Churchill

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