2024 Sperm Whales Trip Report

Sperm Whale Snorkel, Island of Dominica 2024

March 2024 was an incredible season in the water with Sperm Whales at Dominica. We had in water encounters 9 out of 10 days with one day bringing us 4 different whale species. Weather and water conditions were glorious and numerous individual whales were photographed. Dominica was, as always, a wonderful island host with many beautiful places to experience on land as well as on the water.

2023 Baja Sardines and Striped Marlin Trip Report

2023 Baja, Mexico Magdalena Bay Sardine Run & Striped Marlin

In November 2023 my guests and I encountered the best sardine run action at Magdalena Bay seen in many years. The size of the sardine schools and the number of predators made it an exceptionally great year for photography. We were surprised by the presence of Mahi Mahi, whales, and dolphins. Striped marlin were plentiful and encounters long. Of course the sea lions were there to keep in humorous. Diving in Cabo Pulmo was a beautiful finish.

2022 Underwater photography

2022 My Year in Review

Another busy year of travel is coming to a close. Things feel back to normal but my take away from the pandemic was to take advantage of last minute, small, and local underwater opportunities. This year presented old favorites and new locations that may become annual favorites.

Swim with Whale Shark Article

Isla Mujeres, Mexico is the Best Place to Experience Whale Sharks

If you are planning to get away this summer, there is no better place than Isla Mujeres, Mexico in the Cancun area to combine unique and exciting whale shark encounters with a fun and vibrant beach vacation. The annual aggregation of hundreds of whale sharks to the waters off Isla Mujeres is the best place in the world to snorkel with full sized gentle giants granting encounters with multiple whale sharks and giant manta rays. My 4 day intensive ecotour is the perfect chance to practice your underwater photography