Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach 2022 Trip Report

Another successful trip on the Dolphin Dream with Capt Scott and his excellent crew – but then all of my trips with them are fun and full of sharks! Thank you to all the guests were enthusiastic and excited to take this trip even with the world “returning to normal” after a bad 2 years.

Each season, Tiger Beach, Bahamas exceeds expectations with  clear water, white sands, and loads of sharks.   This was the first charter I had on the Dolphin Dream since early 2020 so it was a pleasure to be back among friends.

Our guests were from all over the world and most are consummate travelers so they had many stories of destinations traveled to over the past 2 years.  A few were new to this shark dive.

Anyone interested in this wonderful and exciting chance to be up close to sharks of many species can visit my website and see details from my net trip to Tiger Beach Bahamas


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tiger shark dive bahamas
tiger beach scuba diving Bahamas

I have been diving with tiger sharks for many years and I am always trying to take creative and unique photographs in addition to getting that perfect portrait with teeth showing.

Here is a gallery of some unusual compositions taken on this trip.

Tiger Beach scuba dive