Great White Sharks of Seal Island

Great white shark in Simons town South Africa
cage diving with great white sharks
A great white eyes me through the cage
underwater view of a great white shark
great white underwater from inside the shark cage


Seal Island which is in False Bay near Simon’s Town South Africa is home to 50,000 + Cape fur seals during the winter months (May – September). The seals are there to breed and raise their young. The great white shark is attracted to Seal Island because of the young and inexperienced fur seals who are on their first forays off the island.

Seal Island at this time of year is the place to witness the great whites breaching out of the water as they hunt the seals from below. During my trip to Seal Island I saw many natural predation events including a few breaches. The boat also carries a decoy shaped like a seal which we tow behind the boat and hope to see a breach up close.
After witnessing the morning predation, we get into the cage to watch for the great whites to pass by the cage underwater. It is awesome to see this huge shark up close. A great trip which I will do again.

dive with great white sharks
a shark swims by the cage
Great white shark diving
Shark diving boat arrives at Seal island at sunrise
breaching great white shark
Great White Shark breaches out of the water to catch a seal
great white shark cage dive
Guests in the shark cage with is suspended over the side of the boat
breaching great white sharks of South Africa
A crew member poses with their most successful decoy
seals on Seal Island
Seals rest at Seal Island