2018 Tiger Shark & Hammerhead Trip Report

Hammerhead Shark dive Bahamas

Results: Our 2018 Tiger Shark & Hammerhead Dive Trips

This was the 2nd year of our combined Hammerhead and Tiger shark trips.  Both our March and early April trips had many tiger sharks and at least one hammerhead on most of our dives.

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Our guests achieved many nice photos and had a great time

While underwater with so many sharks, I was able to observe some interesting behavior.  There is definitely an order of dominance among the sharks and between the different tiger sharks; most of which are female.  Many times the hammerheads are shy to approach when there are many tigers and especially if there are bull sharks.  There was one brave hammerhead female who joined the crowd even though there were many other bigger sharks around.  I observed the largest female tiger shark reminding the hammerhead of her dominance by body-checking the hammerhead near the bottom.  Though this happened a few times, the hammerhead was not scared away and provided us with many great poses.

Tiger Shark and Hammerhead
A Tiger Shark shows dominance to a hammerhead shark

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