Hammerhead Bliss in Bimini January 2015

Hammerhead Shark dive Bahamas

Bimini Great Hammerhead Trip January 2015

The Bahamas is indeed a great destination for shark diving and photography.   I have been traveling with guests for many years to Tiger Beach for tiger sharks.  We would see a few great hammerheads but they are shy and would not come to us with all the other sharks and tiger sharks around.  I decided to try one of the spots known for hammerhead visits off the coast of South Bimini Island.

Our dives were in the afternoon and of moderate depth: 12 – 20 meters so we were able to have long bottom times for plenty of photos.

For this trip I had my Canon 5D MKIII in an Aquatica housing. I had Ion Z 240 strobes rigged on my long control arms.  I had my 16 – 35mm F2.8 lens attached.  Knowing the sharks would come close influenced my equipment choices and rigging.

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